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, which is the overspending. it's like you have maxed out on the credit card. it's really a lot like that. you know, you can spend only at a certain level in congress and then you have to have authority, statutory authority to go beyond that limit. and when you max out on the credit card, you don't just go to the bank and say i'd like to extend it. you have to deal with the underlying problem, otherwise you can't keep your credit card and you can't keep your credit. so dealing with the debt limit is the other part that i think gives us an opportunity here, and over the past two weeks, i know that the administration has said repeatedly even though we wouldn't negotiate on a debt ceiling before, even though the president refused to talk to congress about it, which was unprecedented, by the way. no president in history has ever said that. but he said over the last couple of weeks, if you all extend the debt limit and if you reopen government, then i'll talk. so now is the time to talk. and the president should talk. i have worked for two presidents. president bush 41 and president bush 43. t
over the last years. why he chose not to go ahead and max that out and require less taxpayer indeed what you call a bailout or you call it something else? >> so, we have spent an enormous amount of time balancing, bringing the fund back as quick as possible within shoring continued access to credit, and you know, by the way, just when you take a look at what happened when made our latest increases in june, not just premium increases but our policy changes, you saw a huge amount, i mean, our application bomb dropped off -- >> my time is limited. let's go back to that again. forget how much interest rates have come down and we're talking about rounding errors for the 20 oh basis points in the could have helped you significantly and i would ask you to look at that again. this is a this kind of come to testify before the committee in my three years and every time i ask you so i will ask you again, what fha has not instituted risk based pricing yet? he had the authority since 2010. >> so, again, i believe i've said this before that fha believes that the way we do pricing and awaiting we
they need because they've maxed out their ability to purchase food locally. the bottom line is these artificial restrictions on our ability to respond to humanitarian emergencies must be reforms to make the program flexible and efficient. i thank the chairs and my colleagues, representative ed race and tom marino for their effort in the affairs committee and i yield back. >> the chair recognizes the gentleman from michigan, congressman lever. >> thank you so much. in looking about, i so admire with everybody else, the tenacity of especially the four of you. tenacity is an understatement. senator staff gnaw and cohen peterson, i have talked often about how long this has taken. and i think this provides a rare, to date, rare bipartisan opportunity. the provisions within our domain on upland, cotton and sugar program, we leave to your good judgement. as long as you maintain the necessary provisions that we're obliged to under our international responsibilities. so if i might, i just want to take a minute to speak more personally. our family owns some agriculturalacreage. there'
in 2009 settled charges against it in which it had accepted kickbacks and had taken max to nursing homes that were utilizing omnicare. the pharmacy had prescription drugs in the kickbacks were in of regrets that went to omnicare as well as fees that were supposedly paying for data payments that were disguised to look like educational funding, in particular for a pharmacist who were used to induce doctors to prescribe certain medications toin particular, risperdol pas seniors in nursing homes. >> the doctors were made a blanket payment? >> i believe the payments went to the doctors on the basis of speaking fees for certain presentations that were made answered meetings that were attended. -- we are reiterate looking for a case where someone has died or an elderly patient has been injured. you don't know of one? is that accurate? >> i believe that's correct. there is a case last week that to seniors in nursing homes. held the first amendment protected off label marketing by drug companies. if that's does it was wrong and why didn't they department pursue that elsewhere and are you pur
>> i want to say one more thing, i was on -- max got a letter from his insurance company that his insurance was cancelled, so what he did was he went on to the website and he found a better plan, and now he's going to sign up. so i would hope that that's what everybody would be able to do. and i thank you, mr. chairman. >> mr. terry. >> thank you, mr. chairman, and i'm pleased to hear that the website will be fully operational by the end of november, and would you be able to -- would you come back to our committee so we could see if that's actually accomplished and how it was accomplished? >> i will make every effort to do that. >> okay. you were governor and state insurance commissioner in kansas, and i reached out to our state insurance commissioner and governor and found out that they have absolutely no data about nebraskaens who have either tried to enroll or enroll. as you know, nebraska's one of the states that opted not to do their own exchange and rely on the federal exchange. so it's interesting to me that neither our insurance commissioner, nor the governor's office, had
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)